The National Institute for Infectious Diseases of Italy has asked the Swedish biotech company Sobi to conduct a clinical study in several hospitals in Italy to examine whether the two drugs Anakinra and Emapalumab can alleviate complications associated with a severe COVID-19 disease.

The two products are currently used in the treatment of rare diseases and could play a role in the treatment of hyper-inflammatory syndrome, which is often associated with severe cases of COVID-19 disease. First encouraging results have been published in The Lancet Rheumatology Journal, but further major studies are needed.

Life Science Communication has supported Sobi in its communication activities, including an ad-hoc Issues Management System, which was set up specifically at the beginning of the corona pandemic in Europe in March 2020.

The internationally active biopharmaceutical company Sobi offers people with rare diseases access to innovative therapies in the fields of haematology, immunology and other special indications. It became known in Switzerland through the acquisition of Novimmune.