We are growing older, our life designs become more varied, and demands on body and mind are increasing. However, disease and handicap are still part of our lives as well.

Health issues grow more complex. Individual solutions are sought, as unique as the human being they are designed for. Public interest is a scarce property claimed by more and more patient organisations and associations on top of the companies working in the area of healthcare. Common to both sides ist the engagement for improved living conditions of people affected by disease; for societal acceptance and support.



Continuing and substantial investment in research and development and the improvement of medical services bear results: many ailments can be eased, diseases cured; prophylaxis succeeds. Together, science and private research developped new drugs, revolutionised surgical procedures, quickened and refined diagnostics. However, many new therapies are delayed on the obstacle course through the regultaory authorities or fail during development due to lack of societal or political acceptance.



Target-oriented, made-to-measure communication can join parties together that seem irreconcilable, and make them partners with common goals. It manages topics tailored to the demands of their audience and lifts them onto the media’s agenda. Only thus is a broad formation of opinion possible. The goals of an efficient communication designed to support the success of a company is to present complex themes in a simple way, to change perceptions and to build bridges between different sides. Our approach to communication works at the interfaces of economy, science and society.