The neuroscience exhibition Brain Days, which Life Science Communication has been running successfully for years in cooperation with neuroscience institutes of universities and technical colleges in Switzerland, will once again be visiting various locations in 2018.

Starting in mid-August, the exhibition Brain Days will tour the retirement homes of the Tertianum for a month. The walk-in brain offers visitors exciting insights into the world of neuroscience in addition to vivid illustrations and various experiments. The tour starts on August 18th in Berlingen on Lake Constance.

The Brain Days will then move on and can be seen at the following locations from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.*:


  • 18. August 2018  –  Berlingen on Lake Constance
    Tertianum Neutal Berlingen
  •  24. August 2018  –  Lucerne
    Tertianum Sternmatt
  • 25. August 2018  –  Pfäffikon ZH
    Tertianum Huob
  • 30. August 2018  –  Zurich
    Tertianum Etzelgut
  • 5. September 2018  –  Schwerzenbach
    Tertianum Im Vieri
  • 8. September 2018  –  Lenzburg
    Tertianum Im Lenz
  •  14. September 2018  –  Rheinfelden AG
    Tertianum Salmenpark
  • 15. September 2018  –  Stadel
    Tertianum Zur Heimat
    *All data without guarantee