On 10 January 2017 the last panel discussion took place in the cantonal secondary school Uri in Altdorf in the context of the Expo Nano. In a beautiful old chapel numerous students, but also many interested people from the population of Uri gathered to follow the controversial discussions of the panel participants. The audience had many questions to ask. How do nanoparticles get into our bodies and how dangerous are they for our health? What happens to the particles when car tires rub against asphalt? The experts on the podium were Prof. em. Dr. Peter Gehr, President of the Steering Committee of NRP 64, Dr. Daniel Imhof, Cantonal chemist of the Urkantone, Florian Suter from the Cancer League and the nano expert Claudio Weltert from Uri. They delivered themselves an exciting verbal exchange and answered the questions from the audience very differentiated. With this event, Expo Nano said Bye Bye and has been on permanent display at the Hightech Centre Aarau in Brugg since January 2017. Many thanks to the cantonal secondary school in Uri for one last great event!