Some long for it, others find everything hasty and premature: an orderly and comprehensible relaxation of the lockdown measures is almost even more of a challenge than shutting down.

The measures taken give us a certain security in dealing with the many unknowns surrounding the coronavirus. If they are relaxed, this also increases the uncertainty as to whether new dangers will arise.

A good example of this is the debate surrounding the wearing of masks. There are many reasons for wearing a mask, such as the fact that transmissions can be prevented and others can be protected. There are also voices that warn against feeling a false security by wearing a mask. And masks are still in short supply in Switzerland. Should we buy the masks urgently needed in the health system from the supermarket and wear them on the empty streets where no one can get infected?

In the course of the Corona pandemic, it has repeatedly been shown that a sense of proportion and common sense are good companions. It is almost even more important to obtain information and form your own opinion only from reliable sources.