Epi-Suisse’s new awareness and education campaign with the hashtag #EpilepsyWhy was launched in mid-May 2022. With unexpected questions, the Swiss Epilepsy patient organisation aims to arouse curiosity and draw attention to the challenges the disease brings with it. In particular, it ithe campaign is also about what people with epilepsy need. The campaign combines several elements and channels from articles in print media to ePanels in railway stations to social media posts. A core element is the specially launched podcast series with people living with epilepsy. On www.epilepsiewarum.ch, you can listen to people talking about their lives and the challenges associated with epilepsy.

«Why I suddenly spoke gibberish?»

The well-known Swiss sports presenter Jann Billeter is involved as an ambassador and wants to help make the topic of epilepsy more widely heard. The campaign is present at all major Swiss railway stations with ePanels and is spread on social media with visual elements under the hashtag #EpilepsyWhy. Posters and postcards placed in doctors’ offices will help to reach people with a recent diagnosis, among others.
Life Science Communication conceived and developed the campaign and is responsible for its implementation on all channels.