The need to involve patients in all aspects of the healthcare system is no longer questioned. To ensure that patient participation can be exercised even more effectively in the future, the EUPATI CH association trains qualified patients to become patient experts.

20 participants are currently completing the second EUPATI CH training course, which was developed in collaboration with the Department of Clinical Research (DKF) at the University of Basel. In six modules followed by attendance days, the course provides participants with the necessary specialist knowledge to enter into a dialogue with doctors or clinicians and discuss key issues relating to new research projects and studies. This also includes knowing about an ethical and legal framework for clinical research in Switzerland. These topics are the main focus of the second training day, which takes place at the beginning of June at the University of Basel. The attendance days in particular are the ideal opportunity for course participants to further deepen their newly acquired knowledge, which they have obtained between the course days in online lectures, videos and podcasts.

The ‘EUPATI Switzerland Patient Expert’ course lasts a total of 8 months and ends in November 2024. For the newly trained experts, things will then really get going: with all the tools they have acquired, they will be able to play an active role in research and thus represent the voice of patients professionally.

Life Science Communication manages the EUPATI CH office and is also responsible for the administration of the ‘EUPATI Switzerland Patient Expert’ training course.