CHF 75 million in annual costs have been saved so far, with the potential for a further CHF 60 million. This is the interim result of the HTA program, which was launched by the federal government in 2016. Health Technology Assessments are used to comprehensively review the effectiveness, appropriateness, and cost-effectiveness of a medical service. The results can contribute to limiting or eliminating the obligation to pay reimbursement under compulsory healthcare insurance. In addition, qualitative deficiencies can be rectified based on the evaluation. To date, the Federal Office of Public Health has published 28 HTA reports, resulting in 15 reimbursement decisions. A further 24 HTA reports are still in progress, 13 of which are pending reimbursement decisions.

Life Science Communication supports the Federal Office of Public Health in the preparation of generally understandable summaries of the results of the HTA expert reports for publication on the website.