The Office of Health of the Canton of Zug is organising a film event with the documentary «Dem Himmel zu nah» (in English: Too close to heaven) on Wednesday, 12 September from 6.30 to 9.00 pm in the Reformed Church Centre Zug. The event is aimed at interested parties and experts.

In her award-winning 2015 film, director and protagonist Annina Furrer sets off in search of traces of her eventful family history. What drove her brother and years earlier also her sister to take her own life? The event aims to break the taboo of suicide and fatigue in life. After the film, which will be shown at 6.30 pm, a panel discussion will take place under the direction of Mark Baecher, Life Science Communication. The filmmaker Annina Furrer, Thomas Schulte-Vels, head physician of the Psychiatric Clinic Zugersee and Eva Guhl, affected person and leader of a self-help group will discuss.

Event flyer

Plakat Dem Himmel zu nah