The Federal Office of Public Health’s NOSO strategy for monitoring, preventing and combating healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) aims to reduce the number of infections in hospitals and nursing homes in Switzerland.

According to a study from 2022, 5.9% of patients in Switzerland suffer a hospital-acquired infection, often with long-term consequences. Up to half of these cases could be prevented with targeted measures, which represents a challenge for the healthcare system. A sustainable reduction in healthcare-associated infections in hospitals and nursing homes requires efficient cooperation between all stakeholders, the federal government, the cantons and the specialist organisations concerned.

In September 2023, the FOPH held a stakeholder workshop with over 100 participants, representing a further milestone on the way to achieving the strategy objectives. Representatives from various areas spent a day discussing the status of implementation of the NOSO strategy, planning further activities and sharing their experiences.

Life Science Communication supports the NOSO strategy in communication matters. The LSC team produced a series of video interviews for the stakeholder workshop.