In 2017, EUPATI Switzerland organised the first Swiss Patient Forum in Olten. This year the event took place in Western Switzerland. On Friday, 28 September 2018, patients, patient representatives and experts from medicine, the world of work and the pharmaceutical industry discussed the topic of «Quality of life of patients» in Lausanne.

What does quality of life mean for patients? What aspects are involved? How can the players in healthcare and the world of work improve it? Patients and patient representatives discussed these and other questions in a closed workshop in the morning. In the afternoon, the topic was examined from different perspectives in short presentations open to all interested persons.

The Swiss Patient Forum was organised by EUPATI Switzerland. EUPATI Switzerland trains and educates patients so that they can contribute to medical research and development and improve the availability of patient-friendly information.

Life Science Communication supported EUPATI Switzerland with the branding of the Swiss Patient Forum and is responsible for media relations.

Programme and registration

Programm Swiss Patient Forum