The 13th Selo symposium in Zug on the topic of «Burnout, anxiety and panic disorders in the context of current global crises» brought together more than 120 participants: people affected by mental illness with experts from the fields of medicine, psychology and social services.

After a personal welcome by patron Marylou Selo and EQUILIBRIUM President Markus Zwicky, Christian Imboden, Medical Director of Privatklinik Wyss, spoke about the impact of current crises and environmental threats on the treatment of burnout, anxiety and panic disorders and the coping strategies available to those affected.

Niklas Baer, Head of Development at WorkMed, presented the study «Sick leave for psychological reasons». Through the extensive analysis of numerous insurance data, his team was able to determine that sick leave for psychological reasons has recently increased. In his conclusion, Niklas Baer explained where employers need to take action to counteract this trend.

The connection between tinnitus and depression was discussed by Laura Kecskeméti and Elisabeth Seiwald-Sonderegger, head physicians at the Mentalva Private Clinic. They explained how psychosomatic complaints originate and that it often takes a whole range or interaction of different measures to successfully treat such illnesses.

In the parallel workshops «Mindfully tackling crises in everyday life», «Transcranial direct current stimulation in the treatment of depression» and «upway – How an app can help to prevent mental illness in the working environment», patients and non-medical professionals learned about practical applications. Doctors and other specialists delved deeper into the overarching topic in the medical workshop.

At the concluding networking aperitif, it became clear once again that the Selo symposium fulfills an important trialogue function thanks to its unique concept as an event for those affected and their relatives as well as for experts. Life Science Communication and the Science for all Association are responsible for organizing and running the Selo symposium.

The presentations and images can be downloaded from the website

Photo: Laura Kecskeméti (right) and Elisabeth Seiwald-Sonderegger