Digital & Campaigning

We help you to ensure that your digital strategies are always up to date and that they are optimally embedded in your overall communication. Content curation and storytelling form the basis for orchestrating the various social media channels. In order to address the target groups, the right content must be used via the right channels to achieve the desired user experience. The agency advises companies and organisations on how to use digital tools and designs and creates websites, videos, multi-media content, social media campaigns and other digital communication tools.

Digital campaigning in the healthcare sector is used, among other things, for prevention campaigns, for informing patients or for sensitising the population to various health issues. The agency provides long-term support for these campaigns and patient care programmes, making it a reliable partner for its clients.

Our digital and campaigning services

  • Digital strategies and concepts
  • Web presences
  • Multimedia applications
  • Video, explanatory films Animations
  • Social media campaigns
  • E-news / digital dialogue marketing
  • Mobile applications / apps / mobile health tools
  • Chat bots
  • Voice First

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