The dialogue event of the National Research Program “Covid-19” (NRP 78) and the Swiss Trade Association (sgv) took place in Bern at the end of August.
Kickoff were the input presentations for the research side from Annelies Wilder-Smith, Professor at the London School of Hygiene and member of the NRP 78 Steering Committee, and for the business side from Hans-Ulrich Bigler, Director of the Swiss Trade Association. In the subsequent discussion rounds, carried out in World Café format, all participants were able to share their thoughts. Together they reflected on the ups and downs of the past Corona years. Where did mistakes happen, when was miscommunication and what can be improved? The highlight was the debate moderated by Sonja Hasler between Marcel Salathé, Professor of Epidemiology at EPFL and President of the NRP 78 Steering Committee, and Casimir Platzer, President of GastroSuisse, on the leading question: “Who benefits from basic research if nobody goes to the pub anymore?
The summaries revealed that the working world and science are not as at odds as expected. The participants repeatedly emphasized the necessity of such events. This allows to do important preparatory work already now so that we are better prepared for future crises.
Life Science Communication conceived the event and was responsible for its implementation.

The Platzer-Salathé debate and both input presentations are now available on the NRP 78 YouTube channel.