The new upway app for people with mental stress is a new web-based community platform that aims to make it easier for those affected to exchange information with people in similar situations, their families and friends, and specialists or contact points. 

People suffering from psychological stress and depression need help as quickly and easily as possible. In addition to the care provided by clinics, doctors and therapists, many of those affected want an uncomplicated exchange to share their feelings and experiences and to receive help.

The upway app offers precisely this opportunity for uncomplicated, secure networking and help for self-help to people affected by mental stress, their environment and professionals. In the web-based app, registered users can post public messages or communicate in open, closed or private groups. The app also contains well-founded information on mental illnesses and corresponding treatments and a directory of specialists and contact points (psychotherapists, psychiatrists, therapists, clinics, social counseling, associations, self-help groups).

Since the beginning of 2023, Life Science Communication has accompanied the content development of the upway app and supported the upway association in its launch. In the run-up to the launch, the app was presented to people from various contact points in Bern and Zurich. Starting in late summer, the upway app will be presented to the general public at congresses and in October 2023 at the Mad Pride in Lausanne.