With websites it is like with apartments – with time a lot accumulates and you lose the overview. In addition, the paint sometimes gets a little out of fashion and it’s time for a renovation. For websites this means: It’s time for a relaunch.

Search and find information – on all terminals

After a relaunch by Life Science Communication, three websites of the Geissberg Medical Centres could now go online. Both the website and two microsites of the psychiatric practices are now presented in a new responsive design and with a user-friendly, clear structure. The new websites can now be better found on the net by the target groups. An additional visitor boost is also provided by search engine advertising using AdWords.

The three new websites at a glance

Medical Centres Geissberg

The Geissberg Medical Centres specialise in the treatment of psychological problems. Their range of therapies differs from conventional forms of therapy in its interdisciplinary therapeutic approach. At the three locations in Zurich City, Kloten and Winterthur, doctors, clinical psychologists, co-therapists and sports, occupational and physical therapists work closely together. The aim is to provide each patient with individual and comprehensive care.