Fortunately, the program conference of the NRP 78 could take place face-to-face again this year and Life Science Communication was allowed to organize and accompany it. Around 100 researchers met in the Kursaal Interlaken. The program was complemented by an excursion to the Harder Kulm.

The National Research Program Covid-19 of the Swiss National Science Foundation (NRP 78) comprises 28 projects, all of which revolve around Covid-19. In addition to the biological fundamentals and epidemiological aspects, they also investigate possible immunological or therapeutic approaches and develop new drugs, diagnostics or vaccines. The conference was attended by more than 30 research groups from NRP 78 and SNSF Special Call on Coronaviruses. It provided an opportunity for teams to learn more about the research results of other projects and to exchange ideas in person. More about the program conference and NRP 78 can be found here.