In the coming winter months, many of those affected will again suffer more from the tormenting symptoms of neurodermatitis. Life Science Communication was allowed to launch an online quiz about neurodermatitis for the medical product company Mavena. The prizes include products for the daily care of neurodermatitis.

Around 3% of adults worldwide are affected by neurodermatitis, also known as atopic dermatitis. In children even every fifth suffers from the agonizing symptoms such as itching, inflamed and burning skin and weeping rashes. The search for a suitable and gentle therapy is often difficult.

There is a great exchange of advice and experiences among those affected in the social media. Through its Facebook channel, Mavena, a provider of medical products for the treatment of neurodermatitis, regularly offers sufferers valuable information and tips on the subject of neurodermatitis.

An online quiz was developed as a playful and interactive element with the aim of increasing awareness of Mavena via Facebook and further expanding the community of the Mavena channel. Simple questions about neurodermatitis and the mechanism of action of Mavena products will be tested. In addition to a wellness voucher, there are also Mavena medical products for the daily care of neurodermatitis to be won. The quiz met with great interest, drew the attention of many Facebook users to Mavena and led to an expansion of the channel’s subscribers.