The new website of Mavena International AG was launched at the beginning of September 2016. Life Science Communication was able to implement the relaunch, which took place at the beginning of September, for the internationally active medical device company. With its new web design, the site offers user-friendly navigation and content that provides visitors with clear and comprehensive information.

Mavena International AG specializes in the treatment of chronic skin diseases psoriasis and neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis). These diseases are among the most common chronic inflammatory skin diseases worldwide and manifest themselves through redness, itching, weeping rashes and dandruff.

Mavena International AG offers three product lines for the treatment of these skin diseases. These are cortisone-free, moisturize and have an anti-inflammatory effect. They also contain natural ingredients such as Dead Sea salt, medicinal plants and vitamin B12.

The new website is intended to increase awareness of the Swiss company’s medical products. In the coming weeks, the website will continue to be available in French and Italian and will be supplemented with additional country pages for the sales markets in Germany and Italy.