This year’s Selo symposium will focus on one of the most important aspects of the pandemic – its impact on the psyche. For many people, the last few years have been marked by loneliness and worries about a secure future due to the measures and the lockdown. At the same time, some people feared infection or were afraid for the health of a relative. Psychological stress increased, existing problems worsened and new ones arose.

However, not all of the difficulties caused by the pandemic ended with it, Long Covid is on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, not much is known about it yet and the boundaries to certain mental illnesses are fuzzy. At the Selo symposium we would like to try to shed some light into the unknown. In a workshop we will analyze the differences between long covid, depression and a burnout as well as possible correlations. In addition, we will look at approaches to coping with these afflictions. How can the way out of the crisis be found? Other workshop topics will focus on the learnability of sleep and prevention and support for youth in education and the workplace. You can find more details in the program of the symposium.

On November 9, we will meet again this year in the Burgbach Hall in Zug. We look forward to lively discussions with you and hope to learn many new things during the day. All information about the Selo symposium and the registration can be found on the website.