The topic of this year’s Selo symposium could not be more current – worldwide crises and threats have shaken people’s minds in recent months and years as hardly ever before.

In addition to Christian Imboden’s presentation on the question of how much current life circumstances such as the geopolitical situation, health and environmental problems influence the frequency of burnout, anxiety and panic disorders, occupational psychologist Niklas Baer explains why there are more and more sick leaves at the workplace for psychological reasons. Is the work environment becoming more stressful and what impact does this have on employees? A study provides answers.

How tinnitus and depression are connected and why they are often treated at the same time, you will learn in the third expert presentation of the symposium with the two specialists Laura Kecskeméti and Elisabeth Seiwald-Sonderegger.

We look forward to an exciting afternoon and lively discussions with you. All information, the detailed programme and the registration for the 13th Selo Symposium on 8 November 2023 at the Burgbachsaal in Zug can be found on the website.