Social participation, such as integration into the labour market, is difficult for autistic people. The specialized German IT service provider auticon, which announced its business launch in Switzerland in 2018, wants to change this. The company, which is already successful in several countries, exclusively employs people in the autism spectrum as IT consultants. Renowned large companies are already among its customers abroad. Now auticon hires further IT consultants in Switzerland.

«The market entry into Switzerland was a logical consequence for us, as there are a large number of successful and innovative companies here that can benefit from the skills of our consultants»

Markus Weber – Managing Director auticon Swiss AG

auticon provides qualified job coaches and project managers to ensure that the talents of the IT consultants come into their own. Customers thus receive outstanding quality work and the company makes a contribution to ensuring that people in the autism spectrum receive a position that matches their abilities. In this way it is possible to reconcile economic and social goals.

Added value for customers in the finance and insurance sector

So far auticon has been successfully operating in Germany, France and Great Britain, with well-known customers such as Siemens, Allianz, Channel4, Henkel or Air France. The company now founded auticon Swiss AG in Zurich. For the time being, auticon will concentrate on the greater Zurich area, with the rest of the German-speaking part of Switzerland and French-speaking part of Switzerland to be added from 2019.

Life Science Communication supports auticon Swiss AG in its media work for the start of business in Switzerland. Find out more about the company and the first IT consultant in the watson report.

auticon Job-Coaches unterstützen IT-Consultant

auticon job coaches support an IT consultant