Psoriasis and neurodermatitis are chronic inflammatory skin diseases. These inflammations of the skin can be treated without cortisone with medical products from Mavena. The animations of Mavena show to the persons concerned and specialists the causes of these illnesses. In addition, the videos explain the mechanism of action of the company’s medical products. Life Science Communication supported Mavena from the conception to the launch of these video animations.


Wirkmechanismus von Vitamin B12 bei der Anwendung
Psoriasis and neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis) are among the most common chronic inflammatory skin diseases worldwide and manifest themselves in redness, itching, weeping rashes and dandruff. The search for a suitable therapy is difficult, often only cortisone products remain, which further damage the skin. With its medical products, Mavena offers an option without cortisone.

Breaking the vicious circle

But how does Mavena work? How do medical devices address the causes of neurodermatitis and psoriasis? The video animations explain to the viewer in an attractive and understandable way how the typical symptoms such as swelling, itching and dandruff in inflammatory skin diseases occur. It also explains how the vitamin B12 contained in Mavena products efficiently penetrates the skin and why it is possible to break the vicious circle of chronic inflammation.

The video animations were created specifically for the indications psoriasis and neurodermatitis and were launched on 8 February. The animations can be accessed via the Youtube channels of Life Science Communication or Mavena International AG. The animations are used in Mavena’s communication channels such as website, YouTube and Facebook as well as for sales and marketing activities.