Challenges in the field of Life Sciences

Communications in the Health Care and Life Sciences sector operate in an area of contrasting, sometimes even conflicting contexts. The rapid development in the fight against health problems leads to increased expectations within a society that shows an avid interest in health topics and actively uses the New Media to build up knowledge.

Informed patients challenge physicians to dedicate more attention and time to interaction with patients. The image and reputation of the health care provider company plays an increasingly important role and must be included in all aspects of a communications that is tailored to the needs of its audience. Profound information builds faith. Therefore, companies working in the field of life sciences need to pay more attention to transparency and appropriateness of their communication. Proper cooperation with organisations and institutions can boost public perception and positive responses.

New channels – new opportunities – new obstacles

The boom area biotechnology through protein research continuously deliver new biological agents. Excellent new opportunities arise fort he Swiss companies that have formed in the biotech cluster regions Basle, Greater Zurich, West Switzerland and Ticino. At the same time, the scientific discourse faces new ethical challenges and research must comply with new criteria. The legal framework conditions the competition between research locations – a challenge for Switzerland’s competitiveness.

From Health Care to Health Style

The Swiss population has an unparalled awareness for health issues; an excellent basis for communicative activities in this area. There is a pronounced feeling of individual responsibility that translates into an increased need for well being and active health prophylaxis. „Health Style“ is the newly coined term for this development. Conceptual designs, products and services in this intersective field place increased requirements on communication and explanation, often including branding.

Public Affairs

The growing regulation of the health care sector aims to protect patients and provide them with an optimal care that is as impartial as possible. In the era of electronic communication, consumers are much better informed. The task is to establish a constructive interaction between the many actors in the health care field. More often than not, conflicts between the authorities and companies are due to inadequate communication of entrepreneurial projects and activities. It is essential to use the existent leeway intelligently and creatively. On the other side, the authorities must do more to gain understanding for necessary but unpopular measures regarding the health care system. The solution is honest, open communication and public appearances that support the process of opinion formation.

Cost Pressure leads to new Solutions: E-Health

Striving to meet the persistent cost pressure in the health care system, providers from health insurance, hospital to pharmacy try to increase the efficiency of their services. The hospitals face particularly fierce competition. Therefore, they must position themselves very precisely while continuously optimizing their medical and nursing services. For the support of an optimal case management by the medical and administrative staff, they develop innovative solutions like electronic patient dossiers and other E-Health instruments. This area is highly sensitive: the protection of persons and data must be prioritised and trust in these trendsetting technologies must be built on all sides.