The European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) is a non-profit foundation in the Netherlands that offers education and training to improve the opportunities and skills of patients and patient representatives so that they can better understand medical research and development and contribute from their point of view. EUPATI also offers information material on all topics relating to medical and therapeutic innovations in the form of a toolbox on its web platform.

Over 20 national EUPATI groups have been established in various European countries in recent years – with the aim of publicizing their offerings at national level and adapting the training courses to the circumstances of the respective countries.

EUPATI CH Switzerland

Since 2016, EUPATI has been represented in Switzerland by the national association EUPATI CH Switzerland. It is managed by a board consisting of patients and representatives of patient organisations, industry and academia.

 EUPATI CH Switzerland connects Swiss patient organizations, distributes newsletters on important topics and has been offering its own Swiss training course “EUPATI Switzerland Patient Expert” since last year.

In collaboration with the Department of Clinical Research (DKF) at the University of Basel, EUPATI CH has developed a practice-oriented training program, which will be held for the second time in April 2024.  EUPATI CH training course 2024.

Office now in Zurich

As of 2024, Life Science Communication has taken over the office of EUPATI CH Switzerland and is supporting the association with the administration of the “EUPATI Switzerland Patient Expert” training course, amongst other things.