The Selo symposium, a national trialogue event for those affected, interested parties and professionals, will take place for the 14th time on 30 October 2024. The range of topics is once again high-calibre and dedicated to the overarching question of the extent to which mental illness reflects society.

In the opening presentation, Annette Brühl, University Psychiatric Clinics Basel, will address the common phenomenon of treatment-resistant depression. What options are available to doctors and therapists to help depressed patients for whom “traditional” types of treatment are unsuccessful?

Ursula Davatz, Vice President of the adhs20+ association, talks about why many people are not diagnosed with attention deficit disorder until adulthood and the mostly positive effects that a late diagnosis has on the psyche and working life of those affected.

Lars Wöckel, Head of Paediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry at Clienia Littenheid, explains why some children and adolescents become depressed and what therapies are promising in this age category.

In the fourth lecture, Dirk Richter from the Bern University of Applied Sciences will discuss human rights in psychiatry and show what the situation is in psychiatric care in Switzerland in this respect.

The presentations will be complemented by exciting, interactive workshops for those affected and non-medical professionals as well as a specialist workshop for doctors, for which recognition as further training has been applied for.

We look forward to an informative afternoon and lively discussions. All information, the detailed programme and registration for the 14th Selo symposium on 30 October 2024 in the Burgbachsaal in Zug can be found on the website.