Dear customers and friends

In the age of the climate debate, Christmas preparations have become more complex. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips for sustainable holidays:

  • Even if the Nordmann fir is the most radiant, buy a tree of regional origin, such as a spruce.
  • Celebrate a fair Christmas with an FSC-labelled tree. This indicates that the tree comes from sustainably managed farms.
  • Or even better: Christmas tree sharing! Rent a tree of your choice, which will be delivered at the desired time and then picked up again.
  • Or best of all: Pull a pot Christmas tree yourself. However, this requires a portion of patience, a green thumb and enough space on the balcony.
  • By the way: Even a plastic tree can be climate-friendly. You simply have to use it for at least 20 years…
  • For an ecological disposal you should saw the Christmas tree, let the wood dry over the summer so that you can use it next winter as firewood for the stove.

Now we wish you climatically relaxed holidays and thank you very much for your loyalty and the pleasant cooperation!

Your LSC team

PS: If you want to deepen the topic, we recommend Swissfairtrade.