The Selo symposium will take place this year on Wednesday, November 9 in the Burgbach Hall in Zug. The symposium deals with various topics related to mental illness. This year, the focus is on the longer-term effects on mental health of the Corona pandemic. Michael Rufer will speak about anxiety, depression and compulsion as psychological consequences of a Covid-19 infection, Dagmar Pauli about burnout and stress in children and adolescents. In addition, Jochen Mutschler will report on behavioral addictions such as Internet and gaming addiction and analyze the developments of recent years.

This specialist event is organized and supported by the association Wissenschaft für alle in cooperation with the EQUILIBRIUM association and the Ameos Seeklinikum Brunnen. Participants will be specialists from consulting and human resources as well as physicians, psychologists, affected persons and interested parties. The registration form and further information can be found at