Jean-Pierre Rosselet Cosmetics AG successfully launched the new MEDICAL BEAUTY CIRCLE service as part of an all-day symposium. Around 300 specialist cosmetic institutes throughout Switzerland now have access to the specialist online portal, which is intended to intensify the cooperation between specialist cosmeticians and doctors of dermatology and plastic surgery.

The MEDICAL BEAUTY CIRCLE offers medical cosmetics from a single source. The service of Jean-Pierre Rosselet Cosmetics AG supports professional cosmeticians in questions of medical cosmetics. As members, the affiliated institutes have direct access to specialists in aesthetic surgery and dermatology. Via the MEDICAL BEAUTY CIRCLE, the cosmeticians can contact the relevant specialists directly. The specialists answer these questions within 48 hours or arrange a consultation appointment. This enables the cosmetic institutes to strengthen their specialist skills and their customers, in turn, they can benefit from better advice. The MEDICAL BEAUTY CIRCLE is thus a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Life Science Communication developed the concept, naming and corporate identity/corporate design for the MEDICAL BEAUTY CIRCLE and supported Jean-Pierre Rosselet Cosmetics AG in introducing and implementing the new service.