Eupati Switzerland‘s Swiss Patient Forum is starting its fourth round. On March 19, 2021, representatives of patient organizations will meet with stakeholders from the healthcare sector for an exchange on “Patients in a Pandemic”. The event will be held in German.

The virtual event will start in the morning with three workshops on medical aspects, care and support, and social aspects. The open afternoon plenary session offers exciting and insightful interviews with speakers from the fields of authorities, nursing, pharmaceuticals, social services, doctors and patient organizations. The discussion will focus on the greatest challenges in the individual areas that patients must overcome in a pandemic situation and which measures the public sector must take as a priority to support them.

The Swiss Patient Forum is organized by EUPATI Switzerland. EUPATI Switzerland educates and trains patients to become involved in medical research and development and to improve the availability of patient-friendly information. Since its foundation, Life Science Communication has supported EUPATI Switzerland in the conception and implementation of various activities, in the design of printed materials and in media relations.

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