Most people use medications throughout their lives. Medications help us to cure diseases or live better with them. However, when used incorrectly, they can also cause harm, for example when there is overuse or underuse, or when medications are administered incorrectly. One in ten people in Switzerland has experienced a medication or treatment error in the last two years. The Patient Safety Foundation has set itself the task of counteracting this. As part of this year’s action week, which runs from September 12 to 18, the foundation has adopted the theme “Together for safe medication” and is presenting the five moments defined by the WHO for safe medication as a working tool and discussion guide.

At the same time, it is calling for buildings, monuments or memorials across Switzerland to be lit up in orange on the evening of September 17, World Patient Safety Day, to draw attention to the important issue of patient safety. Life Science Communication supports the Patient Safety Foundation in the conception, planning, implementation and communication surrounding the action week to raise public awareness about patient safety and promote interaction between healthcare professionals and patients and their families. See more at the website.