To mark World Hepatitis Day on 28 July, the Swiss Hepatitis Strategy Network, together with the Life Science Communication agency, is launching the campaign «Greatest Hits – Greatest Risks 1950 – 1985». The aim of the campaign is to sensitize the Swiss population to the wide range of infection risks and the high number of unreported cases.


According to estimates, 100,000 people in Switzerland live with chronic hepatitis B or C. About half of them do not know anything about their infection. This high number of unreported cases is alarming, because the consequences of untreated hepatitis can be serious, and so hepatitis C is the most common cause of liver transplantation in the Western world today.

The campaign, which has implemented the Swiss Hepatitis Strategy together with Life Science Communication, calls for the assessment of one’s own risk of infection with the help of an online tool ( The campaign is accompanied by videos that shed light on the background to the infection risks and the personal history of a former victim. In addition to social media measures, the campaign will be advertised with posters and posters available in selected medical centres and practices.

Persons born between 1950 and 1985 are particularly susceptible to hepatitis B or C infections. The campaign theme of the music cassette evokes memories of earlier years in the core target group of the 1950 to 1985 cohorts. «Do you also know the other side?» calls for a critical look into the past and an online test to identify personal risk situations. If a risk situation occurs, a diagnostic test is recommended. This is because serious consequences of a hepatitis infection can be avoided if they are detected and treated in time.


Video in the long version with patient history









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