Making well-founded predictions plays a decisive role in the pharmaceutical industry. Forecasting influences various areas within an organization: sales, marketing, production and portfolio management are just a few of them. It is therefore not surprising that the pharmaceutical industry depends on accurate forecasts. The new book by the American forecasting expert Arthur G. Cook deals with the central challenges of forecasting and how to master them.

These challenges include inaccurate or simply wrong predictions, distortions caused by the data collection method, or the attitudes and beliefs of the person making the predictions. Finding the right balance between too general and too detailed predictions can quickly prove difficult and, last but not least, increasing globalization and emerging new markets are forcing the pharmaceutical industry to adopt new strategies.

Ā«Forecasting for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Models for New Product and In-Market Forecasting and How to Use ThemĀ» gives a clear overview of the topic and guides executives in pharmaceutical companies on the right path in this complex terrain.

With almost 42,000 direct employees and around 130,000 indirect employees via supplier industries in 2014, the pharmaceutical industry also occupies a large place in the Swiss economy. Life Science Communication supported Arthur G. Cook with book promotion and media relations on the Swiss market.

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