An exciting, eventful and intensive year is coming to an end. Life Science Communication was able to continue long-standing customer projects and work on new interesting mandates.

The first highlight of 2023 was the AADC Deficiency Regional Masterclass in February in Dubai, a conference on rare diseases for which Life Science Communication supported the preparation of the specialist presentations and was present on site with a consultant.

In March, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Corona Research Conference was held, which was attended by around 100 research groups specialising in pandemic research. Life Science Communication was tasked with the conception, organisation, implementation and moderation.

This was followed in April by the next major event, Swiss Biotech Day 2023, with over 1,800 participants, in the realisation of which Life Science Communication was involved.

Our work continued with the launch of the upway app for people with mental health issues. LSC was on board with the conception, planning and realisation of the overall communication.

From September, the exhibition Humboldt, the Explorer about the explorer Alexander von Humboldt went on tour again after the corona break, first in a Zurich secondary school and later in Neuchâtel.

Life Science Communication developed a PR campaign for the medtech start-up Spirecut and its revolutionary treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome and snapping finger, while the LSC team was responsible for a new website for the Patient Safety Foundation and supported the launch of the reporting platform for patients and their relatives.

The NOSO strategy of the Federal Office of Public Health has been supported by Life Science Communication in communication matters since the spring. This has resulted in a series of video interviews with various NOSO strategy stakeholders, for example.

The trialogue Selo symposium on mental health topics at the beginning of November in Zug, which is conceived, organised, held and moderated by Life Science Communication, is already a tradition. In 2023, the conference was particularly successful with over 120 participants.

Many smaller and larger projects also filled Life Science Communication’s agenda and made every single day of 2023 varied, meaningful and interesting.

We would like to thank all our customers and partners for their trust and wish them a peaceful, joyful end to the year and a happy and healthy 2024.